Meet us in Cyberspace at the Virtual DPG Meeting

Meet members of the group and hear about our most recent results in the following talks and posters at the virtual meeting of the condensed matter section of the DPG (27 September – 1 October 2021, see here for a list of our contributions, note that times are CEST (UTC+2)):

  • Christopher Trainer on Monday, 27.9., 10:30, talk MA 1.2: The effect of trapped Helium atoms on spin polarized tunneling in an STM tunnel junction
  • Olivia Armitage on Tuesday, 28.9., 10:30, talk MA 4.2: Spin-polarised imaging and quasi-particle interference of the van-der-Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2
  • Izidor Benedičič on Tuesday, 28.9., 13:30, poster TT 9.27: Anisotropic metamagnetism in trilayer ruthenate Sr4Ru3O10
  • Carolina Marques on Thursday, 30.9., 12:15, talk TT 19.5: Nematicity and checkerboard order in the surface layer of Sr2RuO4

In addition, Andreas Kreisel from University of Leipzig will talk about our joint work on Sr2RuO4 on Thursday, 30.9., 12:30, in talk TT 19.6 on Quasiparticle Interference of the van-Hove singularity in Sr2RuO4.