The Group

Group photo (December 2021, Peter is taking the photo).

Office/Lab (Phone) EMail
Peter Wahl
Principal Investigator
207 (3122) wahl*
Olivia Armitage
PhD student (joint with Phil King)
ULV ora1*
Izidor Benedičič
PhD student (IMPRS)
ULV (3217) ib90*
Daniel Halliday
PhD student (joint with Phil King and Diamond Light Source)
Gordon Kentish
PhD student (joint with Phil King)
Harry Lane
1851 postdoctoral fellow (on secondment to Georgia Tech)
Martin McLaren
MBE technician
Luke Rhodes
ULV (3203) lcr23*

Phone number to be preceded by +44/1334/46…
E-mail: *

Former members and visitors:

  • Prof Zhixiang Sun (at Tianjin University)
  • Prof Chi Ming Yim (at Tsung Dao Lee Institute Shanghai and Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Dr Ramakrishna Aluru
  • Dr Shun Chi
  • Dr Dibyashree Chakraborti
  • Dr Mostafa Enayat (now with attocube)
  • Dr Liam Farrer
  • Dr Ana Maldonado (now IT civil servant at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in Spain)
  • Dr Carolina de Almeida Marques (now at University of Zurich)
  • Dr Masahiro Naritsuka (now special postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN)
  • Dr Matthew Neat (now with Rolls Royce)
  • Dr Jean-Philippe Reid
  • Dr Stefan Schmaus
  • Dr Silvia Seiro
  • Dr Udai Raj Singh (now at University of Hamburg)
  • Dr Christopher Trainer (now with Leonardo)
  • Dr Seth White
  • Dr Haibiao Zhou
  • Jonas Barth
  • Joseph Clough
  • Antoine Essig
  • Jakob Retallick
  • Liao Wang
  • Sarah Webster
  • Benjamin Willsch