The Group

Group photo at our retreat at the Burn in December 2021 (Gordon, Martin and Daniel are missing, Peter is taking the photo).

Office/Lab (Phone) EMail
Peter Wahl
Principal Investigator
207 (3122) wahl*
Olivia Armitage
PhD student (joint with Phil King)
ULV ora1*
Izidor Benedičič
PhD student (IMPRS)
ULV (3217) ib90*
Liam Farrar
ULV lsf1*
Daniel Halliday
PhD student (joint with Phil King and Diamond Light Source)
Gordon Kentish
PhD student (joint with Phil King)
Carolina de Almeida Marques
ULV (3203) cdam*
Martin McLaren
MBE technician
Luke Rhodes
1851 fellow
ULV (3203) lcr23*

Phone number to be preceded by +44/1334/46…
E-mail: *

Former members and visitors:

  • Prof Zhixiang Sun (at Tianjin University)
  • Prof Chi Ming Yim (at Tsung Dao Lee Institute Shanghai and Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Dr Ramakrishna Aluru
  • Dr Shun Chi
  • Dr Dibyashree Chakraborti
  • Dr Mostafa Enayat (now with attocube)
  • Dr Ana Maldonado (now IT civil servant at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in Spain)
  • Dr Masahiro Naritsuka (now special postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN)
  • Dr Matthew Neat (now with Rolls Royce)
  • Dr Jean-Philippe Reid
  • Dr Stefan Schmaus
  • Dr Silvia Seiro
  • Dr Udai Raj Singh (now at University of Hamburg)
  • Dr Christopher Trainer (now with Leonardo)
  • Dr Seth White
  • Dr Haibiao Zhou
  • Jonas Barth
  • Joseph Clough
  • Antoine Essig
  • Jakob Retallick
  • Liao Wang
  • Sarah Webster
  • Benjamin Willsch