Compass-like control of electronic structure

How can one control electronic structure just with magnetic fields? In our new paper, we track how the electronic structure in Sr3Ru2O7 changes as a function of applied field direction, providing direct imaging of a field-controlled nematicity and how to control electronic structure with surprisingly modest magnetic fields. Also another good example of how the surface can differ subtly from what the bulk does …

Read more in Masahiro and Isidor’s paper:
Masahiro Naritsuka, Izidor Benedičič, Luke C. Rhodes, Carolina A. Marques, Christopher Trainer, Zhiwei Li, Alexander C. Komarek, and Peter Wahl, Compass-like manipulation of electronic nematicity in Sr3Ru2O7, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 120, e2308972120 (2023), arxiv/2305.11210.