Meet us at CMQM2022

Meet us and hear about our research at the CMQM 2022 conference in Bath (20-22 June 2022). Here is a list of our contributions:

  • Carolina de Almeida Marques on Monday, 15:25pm: Atomic-scale imaging of emergent order at a magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transition.
  • Olivia Armitage on Monday, 16:00pm (invited): Spin-polarised imaging and quasi-particle interference of the van-der-Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2.
  • Liam S. Farrar on Tuesday, 12:00pm: Electronic and magnetic structure of Fe3Sn2 characterised by scanning tunnelling microscopy.
  • Luke C. Rhodes on Wednesday, 11:30am: Imaging the field-induced changes in the electronic structure of metamagnetic Sr4Ru3O10.
  • Izidor Benedičič on Wednesday, 11:45am: Compass-like manipulation of nematicity in Sr3Ru2O7.
  • Daniel Halliday with a poster on Revisiting the surface reconstruction of Sr2RuO4.


Congratulations to Carolina Marques who was awarded the IOP Superconductivity Group Thesis Prize for “the best thesis in the field of superconductivity submitted for a PhD in the UK or Ireland in a given year”!👏

In her thesis on “Imaging emergent correlated phases in the strontium ruthenates” Carolina has used ultra-low temperature STM to map out exotic electronic states found at the surfaces of ruthenates, revealing novel phases, a plethora of van-Hove singularities and a hitherto largely unexplored new playground to study correlated electron physics.