New preprint: QPI of the Van Hove singularity in Sr₄Ru₃O₁₀

Read in Carolina’s new preprint on the Van Hove singularity in Sr4Ru3O10 how we can use quasi-particle interference imaging to identify its symmetry, spin and orbital character. Our results hint at a new mechanism for a magnetic-field-driven Lifshitz transition.

Full reference:
C.A. Marques, W. Osmolska, I. Benedičič, L.C. Rhodes, M. Naritsuka, R. Arumugam, V. Granata, R. Fittipaldi, A. Vecchione, and P. Wahl, Symmetry, spin and orbital character of a Van-Hove singularity in proximity to a Lifshitz transition in Sr4Ru3O10, arxiv/2303.05587.

Meet us at the APS March Meeting 2023

Meet members of the group and hear about our research at the following contributions at the APS March meeting in Las Vegas:

  • Olivia Armitage on Wd, March 8, 1:18pm, Room 305 on Scanning tunnelling microscopy of a two-dimensional magnetic material
  • Peter Wahl on Th, March 9, 9:48am, Room 221 on Spectroscopic imaging of a magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transition in Sr3Ru2O7
  • Izidor Benedičič on Fri, March 10, 10:12am, Room 305 on Compass-like manipulation of electronic structure in Sr3Ru2O7