Meet us at CMQM2022

Meet us and hear about our research at the CMQM 2022 conference in Bath (20-22 June 2022). Here is a list of our contributions:

  • Carolina de Almeida Marques on Monday, 15:25pm: Atomic-scale imaging of emergent order at a magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transition.
  • Olivia Armitage on Monday, 16:00pm (invited): Spin-polarised imaging and quasi-particle interference of the van-der-Waals ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2.
  • Liam S. Farrar on Tuesday, 12:00pm: Electronic and magnetic structure of Fe3Sn2 characterised by scanning tunnelling microscopy.
  • Luke C. Rhodes on Wednesday, 11:30am: Imaging the field-induced changes in the electronic structure of metamagnetic Sr4Ru3O10.
  • Izidor Benedičič on Wednesday, 11:45am: Compass-like manipulation of nematicity in Sr3Ru2O7.
  • Daniel Halliday with a poster on Revisiting the surface reconstruction of Sr2RuO4.